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From the first moment in the passage where this small house is located, all travelers who pass by and want to initiate us to the secrets of their homeland are welcome. 
The way of expression for us is through music, it is all these sounds that every traveler presents to us and that's why we support all the artists who in this way aim to take us to these places and challenge us to explore them, which goal it's to stimulate the mind and the body and to awaken unprecedented senses. 
In this small house there is a diary, in which we ask from every traveler to leave his own imprint that characterizes him and to remind us of his passage through this path. 
In this way we want to present all the artists who express themselves through organic and electronic multicultural sounds from around the world.


We present you "The Diary Of Ethno Electronica" (TDOEE) 
A journey through a series of musical story tales

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