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Nick Saley & Dj Nick Ross 

A musical odyssey with ethnic sounds and clarinet accompaniment.
From spiritual organic downtempo eclectic vibes to afro house and melodic uplifting beats.

We are thrilled to announce an exclusive music event that will immerse attendees in a world of ethnic sounds, featuring the captivating melodies of the clarinet. This event will showcase the incredible talents of Nick Saley and Dj Nick Ross, two visionary artists whose unique styles promise to create a mesmerizing musical experience.

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Nick Saley is a distinguished musician, composer and producer known for his expertise in ethnic music. With a background in traditional folk music and modern production techniques, Nick Saley has a unique talent for creating soundscapes that resonate with listeners from all walks of life. His performances are a blend of classical and contemporary elements, offering a fresh take on ethnic music. 
With tracks like "What Will Be" (8 million streams on Youtube, 5 million streams on Spotify) "Ola Se Thimizoun" (4 million streams on Youtube, 1,5 million streams on Spotify) and over 40 releases with 30 million streams on all digital platforms, his reputation has been internationally recognized as one of the top of its kind.


Dj Nick Ross is a pioneer in the world of electronic music, known for his ability to blend traditional ethnic sounds with contemporary beats. With a career spanning over two decades, Nick Ross has performed at renowned festivals and venues worldwide with famous residencies in Athens and Mykonos, captivating audiences with his innovative approach to music. His work reflects a deep passion for cultural diversity, leading him to create Ethno Electronica, a community and a reference point for all the artists who express themselves through organic and electronic multicultural sounds from around the world. 
His first release "Nebtedi El Hikaya" has been included in one of the most iconic compilations "Buddha Bar XXVI"

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